Ultimate Paris Travel Checklist: 10 Must-Know Tips for travelers

You made a big decision, and you’re finally going on this trip to Paris you always wanted, congrats! And now it is time for planning your trip so you can prepare this experience. After many travel adventures throughout France, we created this 10 items Paris Travel checklist to help you get ready to have a blast.

1. Booking Flights and Accommodations in Paris:

Secure affordable flights and centrally located accommodations by booking well in advance. Explore options near popular attractions like in Le Marais or the Louvre. We gathered our preferred hotels options for Paris that would be great options for a stay in the city. 

2. Budget Planning for Your Paris Adventure:

Create a detailed budget, including airfare, accommodation, daily expenses, and activities to help manage your finances.

3. Prepare your phone and get data coverage:

While traveling, your phone will often be your best asset, looking at your travel notes, directions, communication with family or people on site. However, countring on your data plan might not be as easy, this is why we recommend using a esim (we recommend the Airalo app) that will allow you to have data at not extra cost.

Airalo App allows you to use data abroad at a fraction of the cost !

4. Language and Communication Essentials:

Familiarize yourself with basic French phrases or download translation apps to facilitate communication during your trip. 

5. Packing Smartly for Paris Weather:

Check the weather forecast for your travel dates and pack accordingly, considering comfortable walking shoes, versatile clothing, and any special items for planned activities.

Paris can be warm and sunny in the summer, but it can also be cold and rainy in the winter.

6. Power Adapters and Voltage Converters for Electronics:

Bring the necessary power adapters and voltage converters to ensure your electronic devices stay charged throughout your trip. Here’s a selection to find the perfect converter to your needs.

7. Crafting a Paris Itinerary with Must-See Sites:

Plan an exciting itinerary that includes iconic Parisian attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Notre-Dame Cathedral, and the charming Montmartre neighborhood. Consider pre-booking skip-the-line tickets to save time. Paris has a lot to offer, to help you prepare, we spent countless hours crafting our very own Paris guide.

8. Savoring Parisian Cuisine and Dining Experiences:

Immerse yourself in French gastronomy by researching and reserving tables at authentic bistros and restaurants. Don’t miss out on trying classic French delicacies like croissants, escargot, and delectable macarons. To help you find the best options, we gathered our food favorites in the following guides.

Our Paris Restaurants guide available on Thatch App.

9. Safety Precautions for a Worry-Free Journey:

Prioritize safety by staying vigilant in crowded areas and keeping photocopies of important documents in a separate location. Ensure you have any required vaccinations and carry essential medications. We created a dedicated video your must watch to be worry-free on your journey.

10. Plan your transit for the airport to the city

There are multiple ways to get from the airport to Paris downtown and after a long flight, it’s better you have it all planned out. We detailed the four ways to get from CDG Airport to Paris downtown and the two most common ways is taking the RER Train or simply book a chauffeur.

When it comes down to having a driver, we would recommend the no-hassle experience of Welcome Pickups as they’re worldwide and professionnals. The pros are english speaking drivers, they’ll wait for you at the gate and monitor your flight, flat-fee that you got in advance. You can check what it would cost you following this link.

Remember that Paris is a diverse and vibrant city with a lot to offer. While it’s great to plan, also allow for some flexibility to explore and discover hidden gems along the way. Enjoy your trip!

By following this checklist, you’ll be well-prepared for an unforgettable trip to Paris, tailored to the interests and needs. Enjoy your adventure in the City of Light!

Tips for First-Time Travelers to Paris:

  • Buy a Navigo Pass when you arrive in the city for unlimited travel on public transportation.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help from locals. Parisians are generally very friendly and helpful.
  • Take your time and enjoy the city. Paris is a beautiful city with something to offer everyone.
Mick DupontUltimate Paris Travel Checklist: 10 Must-Know Tips for travelers