Les Frenchies Curated Selection of Macarons & Chocolates

We got several flavours which included a mango passion fruit, pistachio, hazelnut, and many more. It was the perfect texture and so soft that it melted in the mouth. The macaroons are only good for about 4 days. It is a little on the pricey side but it is worth the try. The customer service was excellent and I would highly recommend everyone to check this place out. I would definitely go back and get some more.
June Dias
(Dallas, TX)

It became my favourite chocolate brand.. the fillings are amazing ,tried the floral ones, the citrus, the herbal and the fruity..the very flavourful fillings blend perfectly with that delicate ,smooth chocolate..very creative flavours,you’d never thought having them in deserts,but that what makes them unique ! takes the chocolate to a different level…I also tried a lavender chocolate bar in the shop..It was by far the best lavender chocolate I had,they used white chocolate in order to not overpower the taste,and the lavender felt sooo intense and sweet..had a flowery aftertaste even 40 minutes later. I am just sorry I didnt buy more.. I will return to Paris only to buy those chocolates..😆
Andreea H
(San Diego, CA)

👇 As seen in this video