Food tours by Vincent

Paris offers a tantalizing array of flavors, from delicious pastries to delightful cheeses and Les Frenchies Food Tours mixes all of into one experience. A food tour in Paris not only introduces you to iconic dishes but also unveils hidden gems and the passionate artisans who craft these culinary delights. In Paris, every bite tells a story, and a food tour is your passport to savoring the chapters of this delicious tale.

What is a food tour by Vincent

Vincent (Antoine’s brother) always had a passion for food and the most flavorful experiences. During his 40+ years career in the hospitality industry, Vincent has been all around the world experiencing all types of cuisine.

He ran succesful restaurant for years, serving ten of thousands of dishes per year where he took pride serving fresh and high-end meals.

What they say about the Food tours by Vincent

Paris Food Tours Details & Pricing

about the Food tour

  • Enjoy small bites and drinks—enough food for a light pre-lunch/dinner snack—at several emblematic spots.
  • Sample a curated cheese selection at a family-run shop while chatting all things French cheese with the knowledgeable owners.
  • Sip natural sparkling wine in an exclusive tasting space reserved just for us and see how historical heritage winemaking is closely related to how we enjoy wine in France today.
  • Learn about the roots of the modern restaurant—and its surprising ties to the French Revolution.
  • Discover one of France’s most controversial spirits and try it for yourself in the form of an artisanal recipe made by a small producer!
  • You’ll taste enough things on your tour that you probably won’t need to eat lunch after that

PS: Note this Tour is conducted by Vincent alone and that Antoine & Colleen won’t be part of the tours.

Unfortunately, we (Antoine & Colleen) don’t have the time in our schedule to be there in person. And we live one hour away from Paris so it’s not an easy thing for us just to pop in to say hi. Thank you in advance for your understanding.