Eiffel tower

An icon synonymous with Parisian allure. Discover why a visit to this architectural masterpiece is an indispensable choice for every traveler. From panoramic views that sweep across the city to the timeless elegance of its design, immerse yourself in the magic that defines the heart of Paris.

Looking for the best spot to take pictures near the Eiffel Tower

What to know before visiting

1. Optimize Your Timing: Plan your Eiffel Tower visit during less crowded hours, early morning or late evening, to enjoy breathtaking views of Paris without the bustling crowds.

2. Pre-book Tickets: Save time and secure your spot by pre-booking tickets online. This ensures a smooth entry and minimizes time spent waiting in lines, allowing you to make the most of your visit.

3. Ascend with Purpose: Prioritize which levels to explore. The summit offers unparalleled vistas, but the second floor is a sweet spot for a comprehensive view and photo ops. Choose according to your preferences and time constraints.

4. Dress Comfortably: Prepare for varying weather conditions and wear comfortable shoes. Whether you’re ascending the tower or enjoying the surroundings, being at ease enhances your overall experience of this iconic Parisian landmark.

The Eiffel Tower Main Entrance

Time & Opening hours

  1. Opening Hours: The Eiffel Tower opens daily at 9:00 AM and welcomes visitors until 11pm. Night owls, take note – the sparkling light show commences after sunset, adding an extra layer of enchantment to your visit.
  2. Ticket Prices to top floor with elevator :
    • Adults (25 and above): €28.30

    • Youth (12-24): €14.10

    • Children (4-11): €7.10

    • Under 4: Free

Update Decembre 2023. All prices and tickets on the official Eiffel Tower site.

Optimize your budget by purchasing tickets online or consider a combo ticket for access to multiple levels.

Tickets & tours for the Eiffel tower

At the base of the Eiffel Tower

Colleen & Antoine’s Experience of the Eiffel tower

The Eiffel Tower is a big landmark and going to see it close for a walk is an amazing experience! You might want to get in the line to go up, but while on a short trip, you could have better views of Paris from other buildings.
My favorite part of the Eiffel Tower is having a picnic on the lawn behind it to enjoy a great view of this landmark. Just get your supplies nearby on rue de Cler and have fun. Check out our video on how to plan the perfect picnic in Paris

The Eiffel Tower Lawn (Champs de Mars) – Perfect spot for a picnic

Skip-the-line & Entry

Tickets, Audio or guided tour

Adults : Starting $40
Kids & teens (Under 18) : Starting $24

Top Tier Eiffel Tower Semi-private tour

Enrich our growing community

Adults : $129

Exclusive Guided Tour

Adults : $126
Kids & Teens : Starting $80

Trocadero view of the Eiffel Tower with Cherry Tree Blossoms

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Antoine & Colleen’s romantic stroll near the Eiffel Tower